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OpportuNext can help you identify careers with skills that closely match your requirements for a job opening. It provides information and insights that can help you transition someone into the role more efficiently and effectively. It’s free and it’s easy, so give it a try!


What OpportuNext Can Do for You

This tool allows you to quickly and easily explore careers with similar skillsets in order to identify a broader set of potential internal or external candidates, or identify training required to help you fill available positions.

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Identify more candidates

Go beyond rigid job descriptions to identify candidates in other roles who have similar skillsets and can be effectively trained and transitioned.

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Empower skills development

Help employees chart a path to career advancement, upskill and plan their professional development.

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Add it seamlessly to your HR processes

With one simple form, OpportuNext is quick and easy to use and will fit seamlessly at any point in your workflow.

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Complete a thorough search

Explore over 30,000 career options, including related skills, salaries and growth potential.

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More About OpportuNext

OpportuNext can make it easier to find new candidate pools to draw from or help employees develop professionally. It pulls from over 13 billion data points to identify careers with similar skillsets, and provides insight into career paths for employees to explore including skills needed and 5- and 10-year outlooks for each path.

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